This course focuses on the mindset and skillset required to build successful long-term internal and external relationships by being a Trusted Advisor. Customer- facing professionals have many opportunities to build or erode the customer’s trust, confidence, and utilization of products and – ultimately – loyalty.

In this highly-interactive workshop, participants learn and practice models to handle angry customers and to diffuse difficult situations for which developing their skills will make the biggest difference for ensuring customer satisfaction.


Customer Centric Mindset

  • Challenges you face with internal/external customers
  • Define the benefits of a customer centric culture
  • Learn to actively listen to understand customer’s complaint, issues, concerns

Understand Working Style

  • Benefits of understanding four different working styles
  • Self-Assessment: Identify your working style
  • Know your working styles strengths and drawbacks
  • Identify the working style of your team and customers
  • Demonstrate flexibility to influence others

Effective Communication

  • Communication barriers in the global workplace
  • Communication Game (exercise)
  • Intercultural communication tips
  • Balance inquiry and advocacy
  • Ask open and close-ended questions to confirm mutual understanding
  • Articulate your viewpoint, rationale and suggestions to resolve issue

Handle Upset Customers and Problems

  • Apply the steps of A-DANCE Model to bring the Trusted Advisor skillset and best practices together
  • Define the customer’s perspective of the problem and confirm specifics
  • Express understanding and empathy
  • Analyze the problem and negotiate next steps to resolution
  • Role-play challenging customer scenarios