Successful managers achieve their goals through effective coaching for performance, development and change. A coaching style of leadership involves a shift from telling to asking. It helps break the cycle of an employee depending on a manager for a solution. A coach encourages the individual to resolve an issue on their own through effective questions, listening, clarifying and giving feedback. This highly-interactive four-hour skills-based course, provides you with the tools, models and practice to have those meaningful conversations that lead to increased trust, motivation and productivity.


  • Define what coaching means
  • Describe the attributes of an effective coach
  • Recognize the difference between directing and coaching
  • Learn key coaching skills: questioning, listening, giving feedback and goal setting
  • Coach through asking powerful questions
  • Practice coaching skills through exercises and role plays
  • Describe the situation and approach to Coach for Performance
  • Coach for development using the GROW Model
  • Develop active listening techniques
  • Coach for positive and corrective feedback using the SBIC Model
  • Understand different mindsets during times of change
  • Role play coaching scenarios and providing feedback to participants
  • Create a personal Coaching Action Plan


  • “This course helps build necessary muscles in a safe and collaborative environment, plus it is a good add on to Manager Essentials.”  Lumentum
  • “Highly recommend! The roleplaying scenarios enable us to put learning to practice.”  Lumentum
  • “Understanding different working styles; this will help me interact with colleagues and very useful for meetings with direct reports.”  FibroGen
  • “I like the component of assessing how to work with someone with an alternate work style. It is good to pivot and think outside my own comfort zone.”  FibroGen
  • “Letting people come to the answer themselves to build their confidence and independence.”  FibroGen
  • “Throughout, I realized that my previous coaching method was wrong. I had my own story and had an answer, so I learned that listening to the other person’s opinions is the first step to coaching.”  Lumentum – Japan
  • “The drive towards questions rather than statements; most managerial tasks are statement based, directing action, rather than questioning for a response.”  Lumentum – EMEA