Whether you are a new or experienced manager, delegation is a critical management skill and is often challenging. This virtual training provides a proven five-step delegation process which helps align company goals to department, project, and individual goals, using the SMART model. This module also looks at employee motivation and provides ways to increase engagement at a deeper level.


Delegating for Results

  • Recognizing the challenges to delegation
  • Identifying and using a five-step delegation process
  • Assessing the employee’s ability and motivation
  • Applying the Freedom to Act model

Setting Clear Goals and Expectations

  • Communicating company goals
  • Aligning department, project and individual goals and expectations
  • Creating SMART goals to set clear performance expectations
  • Getting commitment, not just compliance

Engaging and Motivating Employees

  • Pinpointing the top five reasons why employees stay or leave
  • Analyzing the engagement level of you and your team
  • Identifying ways to engage and motivate employees to increase productivity


  • “Delegation process and how to adapt your talk depending on the person’s ability and motivation to do the task.”  Saint-Gobain
  • “Practice is great and necessary even though it is not always fun.  There was a mix of methods used in the training: presentation/video/breakout group exercises. Many of us have not managed for that long nor have managed a variety of personalities so I really appreciate that the leaders of our groups attended to give their perspectives and tips.”  Analog Devices
  • “I had an a-ha moment to delegate and to distribute the work not only according to their existing skills, but to try to focus on building skills across the team. I do this today, but not as much as I should do it.”  Fibrogen
  • “Improving my knowledge and skills of delegation was really useful as I know it’s a weak spot for me at the moment.”  Lumentum
  • “Methods to delegate was valuable – I often have difficulty choosing the tasks to hand over.”  Analog Devices
  • “This session was extremely helpful on how to delegate most effectively as well as how to tackle and approach having difficult conversations with direct reports.”  Glassdoor