This course equips your team with enhanced communication practices so each member can effectively provide technical value to their peers, internal and external customers.


Communication Challenges Among…

  • Internal Customers
  • External Customers
  • Hybrid Team Members

Recognize Different Points Of View

  • Different perspectives exercise
  • Acknowledge customer’s perspective or acknowledge all perspectives

Know Your Communication Style and Impact on Others

  • Benefits of knowing the four different communication styles
  • Gain insight into your preferred styles of working and communicating
  • Know the strengths and drawbacks of your preferred communication style
  • Recognize and adapt to the working and communication styles of others

ABC Communication Game

  • A simulation of how communication can break down and how to minimize it

Listen, Ask, and Respond (LAR)

  • Listen – Listening self-assessment and exercise
  • Ask – High gain questions: 5 W’s, open and closed-ended, Yes/No, choice
  • Respond
    • The 7-38-55 personal communication rule
    • Shift to “I” statement to frame your responses
    • Identify actions, resources, and timeframes you can /cannot commit to
    • Ways to professionally say “No”


  • “Looks like a good simple tool to adapt to different communication styles. Ways to communicate with different types of people.”  Samsung
  • “Perspectives – always we get to see from our side. This exercise allowed me to step back and understand the other person’s perspective.”  Samsung
  • “Listen – Ask – Respond technique will help me improve my communication skills.”  Samsung