The ability to communicate well and present ideas effectively is a critical success factor for any person in business today. This program is a comprehensive coaching process that covers the four key skill areas relevant to impactful business communications and presentations. Participants receive intensive video-recorded feedback and coaching to bring out their most optimal communication style. Class size is limited to 12 to ensure lasting change through optimal coaching and practice time.


  • Highly interactive learning format
  • 14 major learning exercises (8 video-recorded, 7 interactively coached)
  • Practice developing and delivering a complete 5- to 7-minute work-related presentation including slides 
  • Best practices for online presenting
  • Facilitated group feedback on content clarity and memorability, presentational style, interaction & difficult questions, expectations and listener awareness issues
  • Customizing presentations for the intended audience


Behavioral Effectiveness

  • Eliminate distracting idiosyncrasies and nervousness
  • Strengthen presence
  • Project confidence and conviction
  • Use effective eye contact, gestures, posture, use of space, pausing and voice
  • Identify and develop personal style
  • Manage attention and engage listeners

Clear and Memorable Content

  • Deliver succinct, persuasive, listener-focused messages
  • Structure both written and verbal communication for clarity and actionable effect
  • Optimize opening and closing statements
  • Streamline preparation utilizing the Message Map organizational process
  • Make key information memorable with examples, story, analogy and references
  • Design viewer-friendly visuals and slides

Listener Adaptability

  • Customize presentation for intended audience
  • Expand or contract information to match time constraints
  • Analyze listeners to ensure relevance of information
  • Prioritize for emphasis of key messages
  • Practice in formal, informal, seated and standing settings

Interaction Management

  • Cultivate and encourage interaction
  • Handle difficult questions and challenges, using the “ART” model
  • Stay on track and reinforce key messages
  • Defuse hostility