This course will show participants how five basic tools can handle all the classic meeting complaints: they are unfocused and take too long; you revisit the same issues and fail to produce action items; people come late and leave early; the same few people dominate and some people resort to personal attacks.
You will discover how to resolve all these issues and cut the time spent in meetings in half while dramatically increasing overall quality and participation. This program is designed to teach participants how to plan for and facilitate meetings that are well organized, highly productive and action-oriented.


  • Handle meeting nightmares
  • Structure agenda
  • Set expectations
  • Establish ground rules
  • Identify hidden agendas
  • Minimize wheel spinning and repetition
  • Resolve conflict
  • Track difficult issues
  • Handle difficult people, including: latecomers, early leavers, attackers, loudmouths, know-it-alls, whisperers, broken records, interrupters and head shakers
  • Keep meetings focused and productive
  • Identify and complete action items
  • Utilize the group memory and group memo
  • Increase overall team effectiveness