Content developers often make three critical mistakes. 1) They don’t adequately consider the target audience. 2) They include too much information for the allotted time frame. 3) They don’t set context well enough before jumping into details. This program is for anyone who has to generate meeting or presentation material, create PowerPoint decks, or develop substantial written or verbal business content.

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Listener Focused Analysis

  • Apply a DNA Model for determining Demographics, Needs, Attitudes of Listeners
  • Differentiate between data and information
  • Prioritize content for relevance and importance

Content Clarity and Succinctness

  • Make a succinct point and get to the crux of any message
  • Be action oriented and positive
  • Utilize a listener-oriented organizational structure
  • Optimize the number of key messages and supporting points
  • Develop a strong, attention-getting Open and Close
  • Articulate the benefits of taking any recommended action(s)

Strategic Memorability of Key Points

  • Identify the most critical points
  • Apply Memory Hooks strategically
  • Provide variety and surprise in the flow of information
  • Make dry information come alive
  • Find fresh ways to own the material

Effective Visual Support

  • Use best practices for PowerPoint and other visual support applications
  • Quickly rework and improve overly busy slides
  • Differentiate between leave-behind material versus projected real-time slides
  • Develop greater command of visual support technology