Strategic Thinking is the mental process, applied by an individual or a team, which considers ways to enhance the value they bring to the organizations or internal/external customers they serve. The class outlines strategic thinking from a number of different conceptual perspectives, but always with an eye toward how it can be used to enhance the mission and value of the organization and the careers of the professionals within it.


Understanding Yourself and Others

  • Key Concept
  • The Johari Window
  • Emotional Intelligence: Definition
  • Level-Up Management
  • Look and Learn
  • On the road…
  • In the office, you gain insights into…
  • This knowledge will

Expanding Your Leadership Thinking

  • Knowledge Gathered
  • Insights Gained
  • Actionable Items

Key Thoughts and Terminology

  • Types of Innovation
  • The Sustaining Innovation Flow
  • The Disruptive Innovation Flow
  • Innovative Vision
  • Business Uses of Innovation
  • Our Subconscious Mind
  • The Inspiration Paradox
  • Lateral Thinking vs Programmed Thinking
  • Defining the Problem Definition and End State
  • Strategic Thinking Definition #1
  • Strategic Thinking Definition #2
  • Strategic Thinking Definition #3

Organizational Thinking

  • How do you make decisions?
  • Three Game Types
  • Planning and Positioning
  • Organizational Learning
  • Constructive Transformation
  • Moral of the story

Strategic Thinking Critical Success Factors

  • Strategic Thinking Must Be
  • Making Time to Think a Priority
  • Move Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Focusing on Results vs. Methods and Means
  • Use Forward Thinking

Strategic Thinking Process

  • Engagement
  • Cultivation
  • Inspiration
  • Validation
  • Approval
  • Implementation

Strategic Planning Process

  • Understanding company goals and objectives
  • Understanding your organization’s current position
  • Understanding potentially unmovable constraints
  • Defining organization’s future vision
  • Performing a gap analysis
  • Defining objectives to reach organization’s vision
  • Developing an implementation plan
  • Implementing the plan
  • Ongoing monitor and measure of results