Strengths-Based Teams aims to help team members discover, develop and use their unique talents for greater team engagement and productivity. When team members are aware of each other’s talents, they have a better understanding of how each person is inclined to think, act, and feel. Research by the Gallup Organization states that when teams and team leaders focus on strengths every day, they can achieve a 12.5% boost in productivity. When individual team members are encouraged to focus on their strengths, they are SIX TIMES more like to be engaged in their jobs.


  • Identify the conditions for a successful team culture through the Four C’s (Connect, Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate
  • Name their Top 5 Signature themes and how they are currently being used in their work and team
  • Claim their talents and strengths and the strengths of their team members by looking at the Four Domains of Team Strength
  • Participate in a team activity that demonstrates the power of teaming through a strengths-based approach
  • Create an action plan to leverage the strengths of the team

Prework: Completion and review of the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment (instructions will be sent ahead of time)