Today’s work environment can be described as trying to put together a puzzle while others are continually moving and changing the puzzle pieces.  And while the pieces – the variables and the circumstances – may rapidly change, the deadlines and pressures remain constant.  During these challenging times when people are dealing with a composite of personal, professional, and societal stress it is more important than ever to understand, plan, and manage for stress.

This course helps pinpoint the causes of stress and how to manage the variables that are constant and within our control: our mindset, our time management, and relationships with others. Participants are left inspired, empowered and in action to create a plan and workplace reality that fosters teamwork and productivity.


  • Managing Covid-19 related stressdealing with long-term uncertainty
  • Reducing stress in the virtual workplace and with the global team
  • Stress affects – identifying the physical, mental, and emotional impact of stress on the individual
  • Resilience assessment and techniques for building resilience
  • Five keys to manage stress and how to interrupt the stress cycle
  • Micro practices for on-going stress management
  • Managing your Relationship to Time and Work Environment
  • Defining mindfulness and developing practices to support and calm presence