Hybrid teams are here to stay for the foreseeable future. The environment of a Hybrid team can be unsettling and difficult to navigate which requires a heightened sense of connection, focus and intention.  This highly interactive virtual session gives you the best practices to connect and communicate with remote team members to enhance collaboration, engagement, and productivity.


Setting the Conditions for a Highly Effective Hybrid/Remote Team

  • Understand that Engagement is Key to a Hybrid Environment
  • The Power of an Engaged Team
  • Creating a strong team engagement through shared values

Utilizing the 4 C’s of Highly Effective Hybrid Teams

  • Connection: How we build trust and Connect with one another in a Hybrid environment
  • Communication: How we Communication to make sure ALL voices are heard
  • Collaboration: How we Collaborate to accomplish our objectives
  • Celebrate: How we Celebrate and recognize one another on a job well done

Remote and Hybrid Meetings

  • Setting up your remote/hybrid meetings for success
  • Creating clear goals, objectives and an agenda for every meeting
  • Setting Expectations of Participation (Ground Rules)
  • Leveraging the tools of the platform for maximum engagement (call them out at the beginning of your meeting)
  • Focus on inclusion and make sure all voices are heard and included to level the playing field

How to Handle Burnout and Exhaustion

  • Recognize when it’s happening/what are the SAD signs (Stress, Anxiety and Depression)
  • Discuss the stigma of asking for help
  • Exercise the power of Empathy
  • Take advantage of your company resources