While understanding Unconscious Bias is important, it is only the first step to creating an inclusive environment that fosters belonging and inclusion and that comes from inviting diversity.  In this session, we will not only look at what Unconscious Bias is but how it can manifest itself in the workplace in many ways. This program is aimed at raising our awareness to the thousands of messages we send every day that can either value or devalue an individual.  While small, these messages can have a macro impact on overall morale and productivity.

In this highly interactive session, learners will experience first-hand the negative impact of micro-messaging and we will discuss specific actions that can create allyship.  We will look at ways to minimize the negative impact of these micro-behaviors and foster an environment where everyone’s voices are heard.


  • Define Unconscious Bias
  • Discuss how Unconscious Bias manifests itself through Micro-Messaging
  • Identify two types of Micro-Messaging: Micro Inequities and Micro-Inclusion
  • Discuss personal experiences of Micro-Inequities and the impact on morale, relationships, and performance
  • Discuss the impact of Bystander Apathy and the need for Allyship
  • Discuss specific actions that can turn Bystander Apathy into Bystander Empathy
  • Identify ways to move Micro-Inclusion to Conscious-Inclusion
  • Define the four best practices to consistently bring Conscious-Inclusion into the workplace


  • Huge thanks to Stephanie for leading our team through such engaging and informative sessions.  Your energy was contagious and everyone said the time flew by.  Most significantly, everyone seemed to learn something that they can use in their daily interactions and that was our goal.  I also really appreciated you taking feedback midstream and adapting!  We certainly have more work to do but this was a great step for us.”  Juniper Networks
  • “Putting words or titles to the biases we observe, helps me remain aware of them, confront them, do something positive about them and not only to help me be a better leader, but to hopefully have a positive influence on others.”  FibroGen
  • “The fact that the topic is something to be aware of in your own professional behavior.”  Juniper Networks
  • “The program was very interactive and acknowledged the very small things that makes a big impact. Great Work!”  Juniper Networks