Effective Training is introducing live, interactive public webinars for professional development of engineers, managers and professionals, co-sponsored by IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society.

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Latest Past Events

Giving Feedback and Having Difficult Conversations

Platform: Zoom

In this two-hour training, you learn a repeatable model to provide feedback that improves performance and enhances the relationship. Next, you will explore ways to approach difficult conversations to make them more productive and painless by practicing.


Delegating Effectively and Setting Clear Expectations

Platform: Zoom

Managing people’s productivity through effective delegation and goal setting is one of the toughest – and most rewarding – roles you’ll ever have. In this 2-hour webinar you’ll learn to be a master delegator and clear goal setter to keep you growing as a leader who gets things done on time and in a friendly manner.


Know Your Communication Style and Impact

Platform: Zoom

Working with people demands a deep appreciation of different individual working styles and the flexibility to deal with those differences. Learn your preferred communication style along with your strengths and drawback and how to effectively build rapport and influence other communication styles.