Effective Training is introducing live, interactive public webinars for professional development of engineers, managers and professionals, co-sponsored by IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society.

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Building Professional Networks and Influence

Platform: Zoom

This course gives you the tools and confidence to build networks that support your career goals and assists you in ways to influence others in your organization.


Strengths-Based Development For Individuals

Platform: Zoom

The Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment, created by Gallup, is based on extensive research of organizations that have successfully unleashed human potential to drive bottom-line performance. In this course, individuals will discover their individual talents and strengths and learn how to development them for full potential. As a result of this highly interactive session, individuals will be able to name, claim and aim their strengths and formulate a strategy that will put their strengths to work.


Storytelling in Business

Platform: Zoom

In these times of frenetic digital communication, storytelling offers a welcome reprieve and tremendous opportunity to engage work and one another on a new, authentic level. As humans, we gravitate toward the pull of stories. They inspire us, provide clarity, and effect change in our thinking. They are scientifically proven to create connection and build relationships.