“Winning by Influencing” is designed to support participants in creating an empowering workplace in a global/virtual environment. It begins by looking at the external factors that shape how people communicate and interact. And then, by understanding how people tend to ‘fix’ problems, participants can shape their communications to reach others and produce desired results.
The webinar addresses influence at the foundational level: building sufficient trust, using best practices in the “work from home” (WFH) setting, and building cultural intelligence. The webinar then provides a strategic approach and specific tactical actions to produce the highest levels of productivity. The webinar culminates in the participants realizing and practicing the seven steps to influencing in a global/ virtual work environment.


Session one

  • Create a win/win in your sphere of influence
  • Manage perceptions, barriers, and push-back
  • Learn your “working style’ and ways to influence other styles
  • Build back trust – how to rebuild when trust is compromised
  • Gain influence with “impossible people” by altering your approach

Session two

  • Influence best practices in the virtual environment
  • Build likeability and apply the law of reciprocity
  • Create rules of engagement for managing conflict
  • Use two proven negotiation strategy models: STP and BATNA
  • Make effective requests and float trial balloons
  • Build cultural intelligence and influencing in a global workplace
  • Apply the 7 steps of influence model for creating win/win in a virtual/global world